Introduction and Reviewing a Research

“The introduction establishes the issue or concern leading to the research by conveying information about a problem….. The introduction needs to create reader interest in the topic, establish the problem that leads to the study, place the study witihin the larger context of scholarly literature, and reach out to a specific audience. ”

An introduction is to justify the importance of the study and to create distinctions between past studies and the proposed one. This may be called “setting the research problem within the ongoing dialogue in the literature”.

“A researcher do not want to conduct a study that replicates exactly  what someone else has studied, also new studies need to add to the literature or to extend or retest  has studied”.

Creswell, John W. (2009)Research Design: Qualitative, quantitate, and mixed methods approaches , SAGE  publisher 3rd ed Pg  97-98- 105


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