Virtual and Augmented Reality

I try to investigate and understand Virtual and Augmented Reality.

The term “Virtual Reality” can be traced back to the French playwright, poet, actor, and director  Antonin Artaud in the book , The Theatre and its Double (1938).


Ocolus Rift1 Samsung_Gwear_VR_Back OculusGoogleGlassesJSFHelmetScanlineShiftingHardware


Virtual and Augmented Reality, augmented-reality/
Avegant Glyph VR Headset,
Virtual Reality,
Sword Art Online,


I particularly would liked  to read and explore the following texts mentioned on the page: A Philosophical Adventure in Virtual Reality (1998) and Digital Sensations: Space, Identity and Embodiment in Virtual Reality (1999), written by Ken Hillis.



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