Stanza: Nottingham Sensity Project

A series of artworks based on connecting city spaces:

  • Visualisation and sonification of realtime spaces using  wireless sensor network and environmental sensor technologies.
  • Dynamic data  and open source database –


The SelfieCity Project

This  ‘Selfiecity’ project  investigating the style of self-portraits (selfies) in 5 cities across the world, artistic and representation:

  • People taking selfies, their poses and expressions.
  • Using  a rich media visualisation tool called “Imageplots”.
  • To assemble thousands of photos to reveal interesting patterns.
  • The functions of images in social media and dataset.

Selfiecity  Project (2014),  Avaialable: [ Accessed 17 Feb 2015]

Selfiecity Video Montage of 320 selfie images from five cities – Moritz Stefaner (2014) , 17 February 2014, Available: [ Accessed 17 Feb 2015]

Fantastic Infographics, drawn from a study of Instagram Selfies – Stinson, C. (2014). 20 February 2014. Available:  [Accessed 17 Feb 2015]


The 25 Biggest Turning Points In Earth’s History


The 25 Biggest Turning Points In Earth’s History 25  BBCEarth  (2015)  [BBC online]. Available:      [Accessed 14  February 2015]


What different sorting algorithms sound like

This particular audibilization is just one of many ways to generate sound from running sorting algorithms. Here on every comparison of two numbers (elements) I play (mixing) sin waves with frequencies modulated by values of these numbers. There are quite a few parameters that may drastically change resulting sound – I just chose parameteres that imo felt best.

What different sorting algorithms sound like – Andrut (2010) . Available:
[Accessed 12 February 2015]

How algorithms shape our world

A  about data Visualisation, coding  and  interpretation:

  • Pictures representation of down Jones  index – money  trading in particular section of the world.
  • Contemporary art metaphor for mathematic and money trading.
  • Visual representation of  ‘data  set’ as  a flock of bird swarm.
  • Financial trading  as: ‘Algo trading’ and  ‘black box trading’


How algorithms shape our world by Kevin Slavin. 21 July 2011
Accessed: 12 February 2015