The Refugee Project

This is an Interactive map that focus on the human aspect and  plight  of refugees around the world since 1975. 

Source: The Refugee Project,


Tulp Interactive

Below are three key projects, which I liked from Jan Willem Tulp. They have very strong contextual visual aesthetics and dynamic data interpretation.

The Economic Value Of Nature

The Economic Value Of Nature

The Global Council  Interlinkage

The Global Council  Interlinkage
The Global Council Interlinkage

The Close Votes – Netherlands 2012

The Close Votes
The Parliament Elections in Netherlands – 2012

insights from the above projects are:

  • a strong geographic cluster around a particular area
  • User interaction and engagement
  • Functionality, simplicity and  readability of text


Jan Williem Tulp:

2010|13:The Gun Deaths in USA

This a  real time  display of information about gun crime in USA, Excellent usage of text  font and colour  as well as visual representation of data.  Thus,  using user centered design  approach to  selecting the approximate information when required.

USA Gun Deaths in 2010/2013: