Game Experience -Bake the Cake


This a five weeks project designed and implemented by Andres Neito, Jenil Buria and myself (Hamed Folarin), using Unity, a game engine and authoring platform as well programming in JavaScript/C. The objective of this game was to design an interactive, engaging platform as well as using Flow concept and theory in our design principles.

The game: Bake the Cake

Bake the Cake Logo

The assets (materials) and characters  were designed  using  Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. We also intend to incorporate the Kinect for head tracking, skeletal tracking,  Active IR and Hi-def 3D Vision.

Our initial research was to use Nintendo Wii for Head tracking and 3D element. This is a very low cost technology, for about ten pound (£10.00) we could design a 3D game and environment, but  this technology  (Nintendo Wii) is  no longer widely supported and challenging to implement within the time frame of this project. Further research and also in consultation with our lead tutor, we discussed more other viable technologies options that meet our current requirement.

The nintendo Wiimote & Infrared Glasses

The Storyline
The storyline  started with a  chef  creating  a list of ingredients for a cake.  He looked  at  what time  its is and then prepares to make the cake. By the time he finishes making the Cake is was to tired. He  decide to take a quick nap – where would his dreams take him. This is where the story takes a whole different meaning  and flow concept.

The design illustration

The Game Development Story
The entire purpose of the game is to travel through the different worlds and reach the end of the game within two minutes. There are three worlds; cheese, chocolate and sugar ( all based on ingredients used in the cake ) and each levels  is designed with a level of difficulty and engagement.  The researched behind this is from our finding  about different gameplay and engagement in existing games while as the same time to implement  a gaming experience that is  immersive, enjoyable  and entertaining.

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Engagement and Challenging for the Game
In this game  scenario,  the user  has been set a task to  collect the chef hats  without touching the mushrooms ( mushrooms are bad for you  in this game).

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Please click on the link  “Bake the Cake” to download this  game.

Future Development Plan
In future development plan,  we  hope to  enhance  Unity and then use new features in Kinect version 2 for Windows.

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Nintendo Wii  information 

  •  Wiinote (Nintendo Wii) is a gamepad and contoller, released on Nov 19 2006.
  • Some key Features of  Wiinote  are:
    • Accelerometers
    • infrared detection
    • LEDs in the Sensor Bar
    • Physical gestures as well as button-press
    • low cost
  •  Johnny Lee (2007), ‘Head tracking for Desktop VR Displays using WiiRemote’,[Youtube], 21 Dec 2007.  Available: (Accessed 12/10/2014)
  • Johnny Lee (2008), ‘Wii Remote Hacks at TED 2008’, [Youtube],  4 January 2008. Available: (Accessed 12/10/2014)
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  • The Gadget Show (2011), ‘Ultimate Battlefield 3 simulator – Build & test’,[ YouTube], 24th October  2011. Available: (Accessed 22nd september 2014)

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