Group Project – Project Logs

Cycle One- Group Project Brief: FLOW
Title: Interactive Digital Media Project
Presentation Deadline: Wednesday, 15th October 2014

Final Project: Game Experience -Bake the Cake

Project brief:
To design an experience /game play/future scenario with a device/ interconnected devices that aims to response to both, current issues and developments of technological innovation and create a human-centric solution.

Futurist and Advanced Technology
To explore using a future sensitive solutions and technologies that may enable your team to create effective interactions in everyday settings

Key issues to address are:
To discuss materiality, physicality and feedback in the project (work) and address FLOW in the experience design context.

Creating a user scenarios, implementations and also an effective approach to:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Learning and Education
  • Health and well-being
  • Knowledge production

Project submissions should included:

  • Work in Progress Log (preferable blog)
  • Curated /Referenced Worked (Pinterest or similar formats)
  • Visualisation /Illustrations/ Visual renders /Mixed Media Collages/Sound & Video Narratives/ Illustrative User Scenarios
  • Presentation in a format of Prezi/keynote /power point

10 thoughts on “Group Project – Project Logs”

  1. 1. Incorporating sound as an immersive experience ( Virtual Hair cut)
    2. Physical response in gaming
    3. Visuals are the cake of the project
    4. Mix of computer interaction and real life physical interactions
    5. Video game in a box ( mario )
    6. MIT tangible surfaces


    Possible Ideas:

    1. Nintendo Wii Remote Hack VR Gaming ( )
    2. Projection mapping using physical landscapes for games ( Puzzle game where you move the boxes to make the character go from point A to B )

  2. In term of incorporating physical response and feedback for gaming and others, using a new gesture concept call “Ultrahaptics” developed by Bristol University, which is ” brings back the sense of touch to touchless interfaces, creating the magical experience of feeling without touching. Feel virtual objects, textures and tactile cues without the hassle of gloves or other attachments”. See demo video below:

  3. I must say, this is really impressive and also it solves our problem of having a physical response to the entire gaming experience. Although they are using some different technology here in terms of ultrasound and leap motion ( I guess ). We’ll have to look into the possibilities and discuss it further. I’ll try finding more information and post it when I can.

  4. I believe I have been posting on the wrong place haha… These are some usefull links:

    Virtual Barber Shop (Inmersive sound experience)

    Crayon Physics (Really interesting gameplay based on drawings)

    Tagueduino Mario (An analog version of Mario Bross)

    1. Hi,

      I love the idea of using Virtual Barber Shop and Crayon Deluxe for sound perception, user experience and also for gaming engagement/interaction (Crayon). Hope we can find a mean of incorporating some of these concept in our final project.

  5. No problem, I did n’t think so, I saw some of your earlier comments.

    In terms of Leaf Motion technology, I think is more of gesture controller and there are a lots of third party controllers in the marketplace, whereas haptics is more of responsive and tactic feedback which makes its very interesting and challenging to implement.

    Some sources of information about Haptic technology:

      David Birnbaum (2012),’ Haptic design, keynote presentation’, Immersion Corp.[YouTube], January 24 2012. Available: (Accessed:22nd September 2014)

      Immersive Tech (2010) Immersive Tech Explains – Haptic Devices, [YouTube], July 23, 2010. Available: (Accessed: 22nd September 2014)

      Texas Instruments (2011) What is Haptics ? A Q&A, A with TIs Haptics Team (part 1of 2),[YouTube], August 16, 2011. Available: (Accessed: 22nd September 2014)

      Texas Instruments (2011) What is Haptics? A Q &A; with TIs Haptics Team (part 2 of 2),[YouTube], August 16, 2011. Available: (Accessed: 22nd September 2014)

  6. Hey guys,

    So far we have alot of material here to research upon like haptic feedback, leap motion and ultrasound technology. Lets meet tomorrow and discuss the possibilities of incorporating these things into a cumulative and possible result.

    I went through all of the videos that the both of you have posted and I’m a little confused about what all to use in our final project. But I must say that this is really exciting material and I’m really looking forward to incorporate these technologies into our game.

    Looking forward to our discussion tomorrow.

  7. Project Breakdown-

    Week 1 – Development and Research
    Week 2 – Ordering the Wii and getting the initial framework of the game
    Week 3 – Asset Development, character rigging, storyboarding and prototyping the beta version
    Week 4 – Final look of the game, development work ( C++, java ), user testing
    Week 5 – Debugging and Final submission


    Important Tasks –

    [ ]1. Create the storyboard ( digitally ) and work around the after effects part
    [ ]2. Hacking the Wii and setting up the initial target software
    [ ]3. Character Rigging
    [ ]4. Deciding the name
    [ ]5. Developing the beta version
    [ ]6. User Testing
    [ ]7. Documenting the entire research process
    [ ]8. Creating a showreel for the project ( for portfolio purposes )
    [ ]9. Finalising the pipeline
    [ ]10. Developing the game
    [ ]11. Finalising the presentation requirements ( connecting the sensor bar to the camera for secondary view )

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