PG04:Concept & Prototyping Unit

The day session started with  Brigitta (Digital Interactive Media -Subject Leader ) discussing with us (Jenil, Andres & Me ) as a group about the course handbook. The main assessment criteria:

  • Reflect upon research into emerging, innovative practice and knowledge and relate their findings to practice-based work.
  • Evaluate and reflect upon theory and practice in a selected area of study in order to propose a substantial piece of research at MA level.
  • Work with technology experimentally, creatively and collaboratively.
  • To demonstrate high-level skills of self-direction, originality and informed decision making in tackling and solving problems.
  • To device a research strategy that enables the conceptual development of  appropriate creative solution – the ‘big idea’.
  • To systematically evaluate and implement  a range  of  research methodology that is appropriate for  a practice based project.

Self Reflection

I want to get on with my practical projects, however the  importance  of starting off with a clear defined research strategy, methodology and schedule.  This is to make sure that my theory and practice based research inform my next Major Project (PG05).

I have to admit is taking longer than expected to figure this out my practical based project. I had an ‘intuition’ but due to it’s complexity I found it difficult to build.  At its core there is an important and informed idea. Now, I just have to keep up with the theory to keep the practical innovative and dynamic.

My initial observation of this unit is that, the time constraint will challenge me greatly. However, I want to carry out a through  body of work that is reflective, challenging, engaging with emerging technology, creative solution and thinking.

Please follow my journal and, or the ‘The Big Data of life’ project page for further information.


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