Game Experience – Bake the Cake


This a five weeks project designed and implemented by Andres Neito, Jenil Buria and myself (Hamed Folarin), using Unity 3D as a platform as well programming in JavaScript/C. The objective of this game was to design an interactive, engaging platform as well as using Flow concept and theory in our design principles.

The title of the game is called “Bake the Cake” and is using assets (materials) and characters movements that have been designed in Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. We also intend to incorporate the Kinect for its head tracking, skeletal tracking, joint rotation features along with Active IR and Hi-def 3D Vision.

Our initial research was to use Nintendo Wii for Head tracking and 3D element. This is a low cost technology, for about ten pound (£10.00) but is no longer widely supported and very difficult and challenging to implement within the time frame of this project. Further research and in consultation with our lead tutors, we discussed more other viable technologies options that meet our current requirement.