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4D Printing

This is a very interesting TEDTalks Technology, presenter by Skylar Tibbits. Some of the main observation how to program physical materials to built themselves and also to be able to  program physical and biological materials to change shapes, change properties and even computes outside of silicon base matter.  A software call caDNAno, that allows you (users) to design 3 dimensional shapes like nano robotics or drug delivery system and use DNA to assembly those functional structures. He basically referring to human skills and shortage  of nano skill technology such as in the Construction and manufacturing industry. In water pipes will have fixed water capacity, if any things changes in the physical environment , the group moves will have to start from starch and take them out and replaced them.A Programe materials that build themselves. A self assembly structures. A definition of Self-Assembly is a process by which  disordered parts build an ordered structure through only local interaction.

What do we need to do this at human skills, we need simple materials. First we need materials and Geometry, that need to be tightly couple with the energy source and you can used passive energy such as Heat, shaking, gravity and then you need smart design interaction, interaction design for error correction,  allow the shape to goes from one stage to another.

  • The project call “The self folding proteins-takes 3d structure of the protein – tencge model of the proteins..trans into 2d.
  • 3d Autonomous self-Assembly: Automonous part that could come together on there own.
  • Self-Assembly line: An installation that build an installation. The idea is could we self -assembly objects
  • 4D Printing Multiple material:
  • Project cyborg., used for NANO-MIT ,program, tram formation
  • The self-Assembly lab in MIT,extreme environment, too dangerous,
    • Infrastructure- Working with Geosyntech, that is developing a new paradigm for piping. Imaging a water pipes could expand and contract.

Source:Skylar Tibbits at TEDTalks LongBeach California (2013): The emergence of 4D Printing, Available: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gMCZFHv9v8, (Accessed: 20 November 2013)