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Stanza: Nottingham Sensity Project

A series of artworks based on connecting city spaces:

  • Visualisation and sonification of realtime spaces using  wireless sensor network and environmental sensor technologies.
  • Dynamic data  and open source database – soundcities.com




What different sorting algorithms sound like

This particular audibilization is just one of many ways to generate sound from running sorting algorithms. Here on every comparison of two numbers (elements) I play (mixing) sin waves with frequencies modulated by values of these numbers. There are quite a few parameters that may drastically change resulting sound – I just chose parameteres that imo felt best.

What different sorting algorithms sound like – Andrut (2010) . Available: http://youtu.be/t8g-iYGHpEA
[Accessed 12 February 2015]

OCcultUs and Perception

“OccultUs is an installation that exploits the potential of the Oculus Rift technology by immersing the user into a sensory experience that mixes two distinct realities, physical and simulated.”

“The OccultUs experience requests users’ participation in a double way: as the leading actor of the piece, but also as an integral part of it by becoming the object of other spectators’ attention.”